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Bb Trumpet Miraphone 9R 1102AP 10 Gold Brass Silver-Gold plated

Price: 4.807,60 € EUR 4040.00
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SKU: 029R0001102AP10
Manufacturer: Miraphone
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Bb Trumpet with 3 rotary valves, Gold Brass, Silver plated, partly gilded, with trigger on 3rd valves, 2 water keys Miraphone 9R 1102AP 10

Professional Trumpet with 3 rotary valves Miraphone


  • Model: 9R
  • Tuning: Bb
  • Intonation: 443 Hz
  • Valve system: rotary valves
  • Valves: 3 rotary valves
  • Trigger on 3rd valve
  • Bell diameter: 130 mm (5,118")
  • Bore of valve section: 10,95 mm (0,431")
  • Bore of tuning slide: 10,95 mm (0,431")
  • Material in body: gold brass
  • Material valve section:  combined gold brass-nickel silver valve section
  • Style valve slide: 1st bow sideways
  • Lever system: spiral spring system
  • Rod: Miraphone minibal rod
  • Style valve section: exchangeable valves
  • Fnish: silver plated, partly gilded
  • Lyre holder: with lyre holder
  • Water keys: water key on tuning slide, water key on 3rd valve slide
  • Mouthpiece: TR03
  • Instrument total height: 470 mm
  • Total weight: 1.08 kg
Single GigBag
Tripple Bag
[ru]Футляр для роторной трубы[/ru][en]Case for rotary trumpet[/en][de]Koffer für Zylindertrompete[/de] Miraphone 029R 0211 Case for rotary trumpet Miraphone

207,30 € (174,20 € Excl.VAT*)

[ru]Сумка GigBag для трубы[/ru][en]GigBag for Trumpet[/en][de]GigBag für Trompete[/de] Miraphone Single Bag GigBag for Trumpet Miraphone Single Bag

107,16 € (90,05 € Excl.VAT*)

[ru]Сумка GigBag для труб и флюгельгорна[/ru][en]GigBag for Trumpet[/en][de]GigBag für Trompete[/de] Miraphone Triple Bag GigBag for Trumpet Miraphone Triple Bag

225,03 € (189,10 € Excl.VAT*)

Cese for Trumpet

The case is not included in the set. You can order original case Miraphone by additional option or choose another case from our catalog in the section Cases for trumpets.

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