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Ebony Bridge for Classical Guitar

Price: 10,32 € EUR 8.90
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SKU: D581101
Manufacturer: Dicktum

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Ebony Bridge for Classical Guitar

  • Material Ebony
  • Plastic bridge saddle
  • Instrument Classical Guitar
  • Demension 190 х 27 mm

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Great ebony bridge ruined with a glued, lousy, plastic made saddle

This ebony bridge, provided by Dictum (no Dicktum, BTW) is just excellent. I like specially the way it's varnished, giving it an elegant finish.

So why I rate it as "average"? Well, as you can see in the picture, the bridge includes a plastic bridge, _glued_ to it.

First of all, this is a weird decision to add a saddle to a bridge; for a bridge of this category you will for sure do a bone saddle with the right dimensions, so the plastic saddle is useless.
Even if the saddle had the exact height you need for your guitar, the material is so bad it can never be used as a real saddle.

And secondly, the saddle is glued to the bridge; some luthiers put a drop of clue on the nut, but I've _never_ seen a guitar in which the saddle is glued to the bridge.

So when I received this bridge, I saw the saddle, and took for granted it was just fitted (not glued). So I tried to remove it and... splintered the bridge. Here are some pictures of the disaster:

Unfortunately Dictum won't serve these bridges without the saddle, and I don't feel like making the same mistake for the second time.

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