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Buffet Crampon Clarinets - DIVINE

The tradition of free-blowing instruments homogenous in every register.
Buffet Crampon Clarinets - DIVINE

Tradition and technology

Research and development is both a rigorous and creative process. In collaboration with our workshops and internationally renowned clarinetists, Paul Meyer worked on the research project for developing new acoustics, resulting in the Divine clarinet.
The word ‘divine’ conjures such qualities as beauty, splendour and awe; a level of perfection. It is a word of high praise with connotations of purity and light, with a touch of femininity.

This model benefits from having the same hole placement as the Tosca model which allows for better intonation in every register.
The improved bore favors flexible register-crossing and freer blowing during the most demanding pieces.The Divine clarinet comes with two barrels - 65mm (442hz) and 66mm (440hz) – which fit with both the Bb and the A model.

The Divine is made of grenadilla wood with specific upper joint Green LinE tone-hole slots eliminating air leaks on tone-holes most prone to crack.
The carbon wire (a Buffet Crampon patent), which replaces the metal rings, makes the clarinet 60 grams lighter and thus contributes to its exceptional balance with greater vibration and freer blowing.

As with the Tosca model, the Divine clarinets are equipped with a low F correction key. New keywork and spatulas enhance the clarinet’s ergonomics without destabilizing the musician’s capabilities.

Whereas the Tosca clarinet was the R13 bore’s top range model, the Divine features the Buffet Crampon RC bore’s latest evolution.

This new range of clarinet represents a major step forward in Buffet Crampon’s history, by fusing technical expertise with unparalleled craftsmanship in French wind instrument manufacturing.


  • BC1160L-2-0  - Bb Clarinet Buffet Crampon Devine
  • BC1260L-2-0  - A Clarinet Buffet Crampon Devine


Buffet Crampon Clarinets - DIVINE

Buffet Crampon Clarinets - DIVINE

Technical Characteristics

Key: Bb, A, 
Pitch: 440/442 Hz


  • Natural African blackwood
  • Poly-cylindrical bore according to the Buffet Crampon method
  • Green LinE tones holes slots on the upper joint
  • Metal-capped tenons
  • Carbon wire on barrel, lower joint and bell
  • Synthetic cork on tenon, no lubrification necessary
  • Raised C# - G# tone hole (A only)
  • Delivered with 2 barrels (66 and 65 mm long)
  • 19 keys and 6 rings
  • New Adjustable thumb rest
  • Eb lever
  • Low F correction key, low E (option)
  • Silver-plated or golden plated finishes
  • Highly reliable keywork
  • Metal O-ring pins
  • Blue steel springs
  • Combination of GT pads (100 % waterproof and breathable) and natural cork pads.
  • Compact style, hi-tech, shell, leather lidb



Carlos Piçarra Alves -Principal Clarinet at the Orchestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música. Clarinet professor

Andrius Bernotaitis
Andrius Bernotaitis - Principal Clarinet in Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra and as Principal Clarinetist with the Kaunas State Musical Theatre, professor at Vytautas Magnus University Music Academy in Kaunas

Igor Františák
Igor Františák - Professor at the Faculty of Arts of University of Ostrava

Florent Héau
Florent Héau - Professor at the Paris CRR and at the Osaka College of Music in Japan

Julien Hervé
 Julien Hervé - Principal clarinet at Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Hirotaka Ito
Hirotaka Ito - Visiting Associate Professor at Kunitachi College of Music, Visiting Professor at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Principal Clarinet of the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

Michele Marelli
Michele Marelli - International soloist

Andrew Marriner
Andrew Marriner - Principal clarinet in London Symphony Orchestra

Fabrizio Meloni
Fabrizio Meloni - Principal clarinet at "Teatro alla Scala" (Milan, Italia)

Paul Meyer
Paul Meyer - International solist

Pascal Moragues
Pascal Moragues - Clarinet solo at the Paris Orchestra, teacher at the CNSM of Paris

Felix Peili
Felix Peili - International Jazz Soloist