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C Tuba Miraphone CC-12925 New Yorker

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SKU: 361292513000443
Manufacturer: Miraphone
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C Tuba with 5 front action valves (4+1) Miraphone CC-12925 New Yorker

Professional C Tuba with 5 valves Miraphone. Fron action, 5th valve - rotary valve. Miraphone‘s bestseller in the world of C tubas is the 1292 “New Yorker“, which has gained great popularity and impeccable reputation particularly in the English-speaking realm. Easy control throughout the entire dynamic spectrum and an even sound in all registers is what the C tuba 1292 “New Yorker“ delivers, granting it entry into numerous major orchestras, filling renowned concert halls with its huge sound. The quick response in combination with the outstanding intonation gives the tubist the security needed to navigate the most difficult passages and makes playing an enjoyable experience.


  • Model: CC-12925 New Yorker
  • Tuning: C
  • Intonation: 443 Hz
  • Valve system: rotary valves
  • Valves: 5 valves
  • Valve section: 4 piston valves, 5th
  • Size: 5/4 compact
  • Bell diameter: 470 mm (18,504")
  • Bore of valve section: 19,6 - 21,2 mm (0,772"-0,835")
  • Material in body: yellow brass
  • Material lied pipe: nickel silver
  • Material valve section: nickel silver trimmings
  • Type of valve: vented valves for pressure compensation
  • Fnish: laquered
  • Mouthpiece: TU26
  • Instrument total height: 925 mm
  • Total weight: 10,70 kg
[ru]Футляр для тубы C[/ru][en]Case for C Tuba[/en][de]Koffer für C Tuba[/de] Miraphone 1291 Compact Case for C Tuba Miraphone 1291 Compact

1.316,14 € (1.106,00 € Excl.VAT*)

[ru]Сумка GigBag для тубы[/ru][en]GigBag for Tuba[/en][de]GigBag für Tuba[/de] Miraphone 480 GigBag for Tuba Miraphone 480

311,54 € (261,80 € Excl.VAT*)

Cese for tubas

The case is not included in the set. You can order original case Miraphone by additional option or choose another case from our catalog in the section Cases for tubas.

Miraphone cases for tubas:

  • GigBag bag for tenor tuba
  • Hard case to the rotor tenor tuba
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