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Case for Classical Guitar Visesnut Black Pearl

Price: 941,29 € EUR 791.00
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SKU: VN-Black Pearl
Manufacturer: Visesnut
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3 locks
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Case for Classical Guitar Visesnut Black Pearl

Fine Case for Classical Guitar. Designed to fit most standard sizes and body shapers of classical guitars.

Innovative Design - Patented adjustment of the cushion for any guitar size and slim case design with modern lines.
Perfect Protection - Protected against extreme temperature changes and strong shocks through enormous strength of shape and double wall structure made of special polymers. Steel locks and rubber seal for safety under any condition.
Ultra-light - The smart choice of materials and construc­tion allow lightweight while retaining stability.
Quality & Comfort - The ergonomic leather handle as well as the adjustable shoulder straps provide pleasant comfort when carrying the case. High-quality parts and precise manufacturing ensure a long live.

Models variants

  • with 3 locks
  • with 4 locks


  • case body with double-wall structure
  • interior protective padding
  • built-in adjustable support belt
  • neck support cushion
  • interior accessory companent
  • two shoulder straps, equipped with a metal swivel hook at each end
  • locks with two keys
  • genuine leather handle
  • metal hinges with bumper feet
  • weight 3,15 kg

Additional option - soft cover

  • Soft cover for classical guitar case.
  • Soft cover tailor-made for Visesnut classical guitar case.
  • Water-repellent and waterproof surface allwing water droplets to roll off, and not to pass throught. (Note: These properties do not apply to the seams and the zippers.)
  • Made of ripstop material which has the ability to prevent tears from spreading.
  • Equipped with Lockable zippers, wich can be secured with a compatible TSA-approved lock. (Note: TSA-approved lock is not included in the sale.)

Instrument Length max. 1025 mm
Body Length max. 490 mm
Body Width max. 282 mm
Body Width (at widest point) max. 371 mm
Side Heigth max. 110 mm
Case Width 425 mm
Case Length 1060 mm
Case Weight 3,15 kg
Case Weight with 2 straps 3,45 kg
Soft cover
Soft cover
Soft cover
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Самый лучший футляр на свете

Кейс отличный! Очень красивый, сверхлегкий, удивительно теплый, устроен внутри с любовью к инструменту. Очень элегантный современный дизайн, пальто для него тютелька в тютельку. Удобен и для музыканта и для инструмента!

Case for Classical Guitar Visesnut

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