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Cello Hofner H4/5 Concert
6.899,62 €
5.798,00 €
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The catalog of our online store features cellos from famous German brands: Karl Höfner and Roderich Paesold. In our online store you can order, from an inexpensive cello for a beginner to a professional handmade viola - a master viola. Using the filters, you can select cellos according to different characteristics. In addition to the price and the manufacturer, we divide cellos into solo and orchestral, as well as for professionals and beginners.

We deliver goods from Germany to almost all countries in the world. On the product page you can see the price including VAT -19%. This price is for our buyers in countries included in the European Union. If we ship an order outside the EU - the tax free price without VAT applies - indicated in brackets as the export price. Shipping is calculated based on the total weight of the order. If you want to buy a cello and find out how much the delivery costs, use the shipping calculator, located on the product page, to the right of the buy button. Shipping costs in this case will be calculated based on the weight of the cello. If you want to buy another product along with a cello, for example, a case, strings, a stand or any other product, you must add the product to your shopping cart. When placing an order, the system will calculate the total weight and offer you the cost and delivery options.

For all questions related to purchases in our store, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.