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Classical Guitar Duke Konzert C

Price: 790,16 € EUR 664.00
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SKU: D Konzert C
Manufacturer: Duke
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Extra Option:
 Mensur 630 mm

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Classical guitar Duke Konzert C

Classic guitar Duke ( LaCorda)


  • Duke Konzert C - mensuration  650 mm
  • Duke Konzert C LH - for left hand, mensuration 650 mm
  • Duke Konzert C Lady - mensuration 630 mm

Excellent concert classic guitar, top of massive Canadian cedar, mahogany massive deck and ribs. The guitar has a powerful and beautiful sound, good dynamics and attack, comfortable neck profile. The instrument corresponds to high and objective requirements for both amateur and professional guitarists.


  • Top - Canadian cedar, massive
  • Back and ribs - mahogany massive
  • Fretboard - cedar and rosewood
  • Glossy covering
  • Width of fretboard 52 mm for mensuration - 650 mm
  • 50 mm for mensurations 630 mm and 580 mm
  • Machine heads Rubner 1
  • Strings Savarez 500 ARJ
Fingerboard Rosenwood
Top Cedar
Back,sides Mahogany
Neck Cedar
Head Mahogany
Bridge Rosenwood
Strings Savarez
Mensur 650 mm / 630 mm
Width top / waist / bottom 286/238/370 / Lady 257/214/333
Neck thickness (1.Bund / 9.Bund) 22,5/24,5
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Отличная гитара

Отличная гитара, отличный сервис! Я левша, очень сложно найти гитару заточенную
под левшу в Москве, обратился с PD-Trade, по совету товарища из академии Маймониди.
Порекомендовали гитару Duke, как очень хороший бюджетный вариант. Получив
инструмент остался доволен. Гитара очень удобная, играть просто комфортно! Очень
приятный голос и широкий динамический диапазон.

Duke guitars The Duke company produces concert and acoustic guitars. All Duke products are available at a very attractive price. If a specific product is not available on our website, you can get in contact with us and we will inform you if it is possible to order it.
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