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Classical Guitar Hanika 1a Double Top

Price: 11.498,97 € EUR 9663.00
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(tax free price 9.663,00 €)
SKU: HA 1a-Doubletop
Manufacturer: Hanika
Dispatch: Ships within 1-3 months*
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 lefty (+ 71,40 €)
 Extra Mensur (+ 47,60 €)
 Wide fingerboard (+ 47,60 €)
 Arched fingerboard (+ 71,40 €)

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Classical Guitar Hanika 1a Double Top

Hanika 1a Doubletop Professional Line with Double-Top. Natural Double Top: extremely thin cedar top with Nomex / Carbon Building and dome arched bracing. With extremely thin top leads to a significant improvement in efficiency while maintaining the classical guitar sound.
Top from particularly select highly aged Ceder, back and sides made from best Mexican ziricote.
Spanish cedar neck barred throughout with snake wood and with threefold open-worked head.
Scheller high-end tuners, ziricote fingerboard, French Polish finish, high-quality crafted traditional details.


  • Mensur 650 mm
  • Finger board width 52 mm
  • Side height  105 mm
  • Width  286/370 mm
  • Length 490 mm
  • Total length 1015 mm
Top Cedar
Back,sides Zirocote
Neck Cedar
Head Zirocote
Bridge Zirocote
Strings Savarez
Mensur 650 mm
Width top / waist / bottom 286/238/370
Neck thickness (1.Bund / 9.Bund) 22,5/24,5
Hanika 1a
Hanika 1a
Hanika 1a Torres
Hanika 1a Torres
Hanika 1a Torres Ceder
Hanika 1a Torres Ceder

Classical Guitars Hanika

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