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Classical Guitar Hanika HE-Lattice

4.092,48 € EUR 3528.00 Price: 4.679,44 €
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SKU: HA HE-Lattice
Manufacturer: Hanika
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Classical Guitar Hanika HE-Lattice

Hanika HE-Lattice Professional Line. with Lattice-Top. By the lattice structure, the lattice top is easier and much thinner. With its 1.3 mm top thickness leads to a significant improvement in efficiency while maintaining the classical guitar sound.
Top from best long-matured spruce, back and sides from best Palo Escrito, Lattice top, Spanish cedar neck barred doubly  throughout with rosewood, very good Grenadill finger board, multiply-strengthened open-worked headstock, arched rosewood bridge with abalone framework, bone upper saddle, Grenadill binding around the back and top, dual mitred middle strut in the back, high-quality "Alessi-Standard" tuners with ebony keys, very thin high-end high-gloss finish with hand-polished shellac on the top.


  • Bore: 650 mm
  • Finger board width: 52 mm
  • Side height: 105 mm
  • Width: 286/370 mm
  • Length: 490 mm
  • Total length: 1015 mm
Fingerboard Grenadill
Top Spruce
Back,sides Rosenwood Palo Escrito
Neck Cedar
Head Makassar
Bridge Rosenwood
Strings Savarez
Mensur 650 mm
Width top / waist / bottom 286/238/370
Neck thickness (1.Bund / 9.Bund) 22,5/24,5
Lattice Top
Lattice Top

Classical Guitars Hanika

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