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Compact Case for 4 Violins Maurizio Riboni 520 C

Price: 687,88 € EUR 593.00
incl. VAT 16% without shipping cost
(tax free price 593,00 €)
SKU: MR-4V-520 С
Manufacturer: Maurizio Riboni
Dispatch: Ships within 1-2 months
Cover Color:

Add Options:
 Music pocket (+ 46,40 €)
 Backpack Shoulder-straps
 Rings for the backpack straps (+ 39,44 €)
 Joining for two shoulder strap (+ 9,28 €)
 Pocket for belongings applicable to the shoulder-strap (+ 24,36 €)

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Compact Case for 4 Violins Maurizio Riboni 520 C

A beautiful RIBONI case by the italian violin master case maker Maurizio Riboni from Cremona.

Standard Setup:

  • Rectangular shape, SHORT (no possibility to put bows inside)
  • Waterproof and rip resistant interchangeable external cover
  • Simple shoulder strap
  • Instruments blanket
  • Fabric central handle
  • "Metro" handle on the short side + feet on the opposite side
  • Inner lining made of soft anti-stratch fabric
  • Inside color depends on avaliability
520 C

Additional options:

  • Music pocket
  • Arrangement to attach 14 bows case
  • Shoulder-strap 4 cm wide
  • Padded shoulder-strap
  • Padded shoulder-strap with suede leather on shoulder side
  • Removable backpack system: it consist of 4 half-ring sewn on the bottom in order to connect two shoulder strap (not included in the price)
  • Fixed back pack with two adjustable shoulder straps
  • Joining for two shoulder straps
  • Pocket for belongings applicable to the shoulder-strap
Maurizio Riboni