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Es Klarinette Buffet Crampon RC Prestige Green Line BC1507G-2-0

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Artikelcode: BC1507G-2-0
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Es Klarinette Buffet Crampon RC Prestige Green Line BC1507G-2-0

Eb Clarinet RC PRESTIGE Buffet Crampon
  • BC1507G-2-0
Throughout the years, making good use of its experience and skill, Buffet Crampon has developed the most complete range of clarinets. Musicians needs are constantly evolving and it seems only right that we should grant clarinet players' wishes by creating specialised models. Each of these instruments has its own identity and can be used to play a variety of styles. Each musician will find his or her own personal means of expression.
The Eb, D and C have the same features as instruments in the Prestige range.

Instrument specifications

  • Key  Eb
  • Pitch 440 / 442
  • 17 keys and 6 rings
  • Stainless steel rods and pivot screws
  • GT/leather and natural corc Pads
  • silver plated keywork
  • leather case

Instrument characteristics

  • Body : ABS Plastic
  • Hand burnished bore : Improve intonation and centers tone
  • Egg-shaped inside bell shape : Greater sound emission
  • Conical lower joint and bell : Softer tone color and easier response
  • Power forged silver keywork, preplated in copper and finished in silver plate : High quality long wearing finish
  • Silver plated adjustable thumb rest : Adjustable for optimum comfort
  • Undercut tone hole : Improves clarity of tone and ease of response

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