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Guadagnini 1798 viola back arching template set

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Guadagnini 1798 viola back arching template set

Set of three transversal arching and one longitudinal enable to replicate precisely the top or back arching of these instrument patterns. The templates replicate the positive part of the arching, leaving the edgework around the outline on the experience and imagination of the maker.

Herdim Instrument Templates

  • Authentic outline templates of respected classical patterns are carefully derived from reliable original sources.
  • The selection of the patterns respects contemporary requirements, the patterns are chosen to have a correct both body and scale length.
  • Classical patterns made of stainless steel
  • Comprehensive sets of templates for construction of instruments
  • Patterns selected with respect to contemporary dimension requirements


  • Thickness 1 mm
  • Instrument Viola 16", Guadagnini 1798
  • Measurement range Back
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