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Jakob Winter
Jakob Winter - cases for musical instruments The Jakob Winter company produces cases for musical instruments: cases for violins, cellos, guitars, saxophones, horns and tenors. Elcoda is an authorized dealer and official reseller of Jakob Winter. All Jakob Winter products are available at a very attractive price. If a specific product is not available on our website, you can get in contact with us and we will inform you if it is possible to order it.
case for violin bow/ 6 / 12 / 24 bows Jakob Winter
162,79 €
136,80 €
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Backpacksystem for Case Air Cell AS-60
121,38 €
102,00 €
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JW Eastman CE 133 Fiberglass case for Cello
Found in:   Cello Cases
512,89 €
431,00 €
Average Rating: 5
Handmade wooden Case for Violin Jakob Winter JW 3023 N
Found in:   Violin Cases
498,37 €
418,80 €
Average Rating: 5
Case for violin 4/4 Jakob Winter JW 3024 CS "Super Light Series"
Found in:   Violin Cases
655,45 €
550,80 €
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Jakob Winter JW-51015-4/4-VIBE Case for violin
Found in:   Violin Cases
169,93 €
142,80 €
Average Rating: 4.71