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Liebenzeller Gold III Rosin for Viola or Cello

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Liebenzeller Gold III Rosin for Viola or Cello

Liebenzeller Metall is a rosin made from pure larch resin, to which selected metals are added in a meditative process, observing cosmic rhythms. This rhythmic treatment creates a rosin that gives light and warmth to the sounds it creates. Thus, it supports the musician in a special way in the manifestation of emotional qualities in music. The special sonic properties can be improved by choosing a metal additive. This creates a variety of timbres so that the character of the instrument and its characteristics are expressed more clearly. Liebenzeller metal rosin has been produced in the Black Forest for 40 years. The production of this rosin is based on many years of research and development, which started in the violin making workshop of  Dr. Franz Thomastik and was continued by Renate Schmidt. Dr. Thomastik and his friend and colleague Ludwig Kremling have realized the idea of ​​producing rosin in such a way that the light-like quality of larch resin remains alive so that it can be felt when making music. This creates a sound that can deeply affect the human soul. Hansgünter Kraushaar continues this work with great diligence and dedication. Thus, he was able to develop new rosins through experiments with gemstones that brought sonic sensations into the realm of vocals. All this is done with the aim of offering a rosin, which will make a essentiel contribution to enhancing the sound quality.

Especially valuable qualities are:

  • easy and consistent articulation
  • reduction of background noise
  • easily and better differentiable bow guide
  • relative tolerance towards humidity and temperature fluctuations,
  • low dust formation
  • very economical to use
  • good tolerance for rosin allergy
Liebenzeller Gold-Rosin is especially balanced. The tone is rounded, full and warm, while radiantly clear and transparent. It is very flexible and is best suited for extracting a variety of tonal colours from the instrument.


  • Gold I for Violin
  • Gold II for Violin/Viola
  • Gold III for Viola/Cello
  • Gold IV for Cello
  • Gold IV E for Cello: creates a sound that has more depth and warmth
  • Gold V H/ VI H for Double Bass
As the number of the rosin increases, its hardness decreases, so when choosing for a solo performance, the manufacturer recommends choosing a more rigid one.
Liebenzeller Violin Rosin The Liebenzeller Metall-Kolophonium company produces rosin. All Liebenzeller Metall-Kolophonium products are available at a very attractive price. If a specific product is not available on our website, you can get in contact with us and we will inform you if it is possible to order it.
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