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Short Custom Violin Case Maurizio Riboni Violin UNOEOTTO C Type 1

Price: 392,70 € EUR 330.00
incl. VAT 19% without shipping cost
(tax free price 330,00 €)
Manufacturer: Maurizio Riboni
Dispatch: Ships within 1-2 months
Add Options:
 One bow pocket (+ 44,03 €)
 Two bows pocket (+ 44,03 €)
 Joining for two shoulder strap (+ 9,52 €)
 Pocket for belongings applicable to the shoulder-strap (+ 24,99 €)
 Cloth bag (+ 34,51 €)
 Blanket (+ 34,51 €)
 Integrated GPS/GSM tracker (+ 226,10 €)
 Compartment for GSM tracker (+ 29,75 €)

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Maurizio Riboni Violin UNOEOTTO C Type 1 Short Custom Violin Case

A beautiful RIBONI case by the italian master case maker Maurizio Riboni from Cremona.

Standard Setup:

  • Rectangular shape SHORT (no possibility to put bows inside)
  • Waterproof and rip resistant interchangeable external cover (no music pocket)
  • Alcantara interior
  • One big compartment
  • Four bow holders, strings tube
  • Central plastic handle
  • Fabric handle on the short side + feet on the opposite side
  • Suspension system of the instrument + cushion to block the instrument integrated in the lid
  • Connections for two shoulder straps (shoulder straps not included in the price)
Padded Straps

Additional options Maurizio Riboni Violin UNOEOTTO C Type 1

  • Exterior pocket for one or two bows
  • Cloth bag
  • Blanket
  • Padded shoulder-strap covered with fabric
  • Padded shoulder-strap with suede leather on shoulder side
  • Joining for two shoulder straps codes 005/005PS/005F
  • Pocket for belongings applicable to the shoulder-strap
  • Integrated GPS/GSM device
Maurizio Riboni

Integrated GPS/GSM tracker Maurizio Riboni

Integrated GPS/GSM tracker Maurizio Riboni

From now on you will be able to keep your instrument safer and ensure your own peace of mind.
Maurizio Riboni has designed an integrated device that can be used to trace the case using GPS technology and an easy-to-read Google maps link. And that's not all! You can even activate a movement sensor to receive a text message whenever the case is moved.Maurizio Riboni has run numerous simulations based on the specific requirements of musicians and lute makers to develop an extremely reliable device that is very easy to use. The tracker communicates with the GPS system through short text messages in order to activate/deactivate functions and check the state of your case remotely from your cell phone.

For further information, please contact us.
Maurizio Riboni cases for musical instruments Maurizio Riboni began their artisan activity in the 1970's, when Cremona's violin making fame was spreading across the world thanks to the knowledge and experience of a small group of violin makers. Since then, they began to think out the product line according to the customer's different requirements, from the student to the professional. With 30 years of experience under the belt, Riboni has always put first extreme care in design, and a good balance between lightness and strength because that is the only way to make both a good quality and a beautiful case. Riboni cases are made in wood laminate, some of the lightest and strongest material for this particular use. The Riboni cases are made on order.
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