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Pirastro Cello Perpetual Cadenza Cello Strings Set
327,25 €
275,00 €
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A-String for Cello Pirastro Perpetual
51,17 €
43,00 €
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D-String for Cello Pirastro Perpetual
55,34 €
46,50 €
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G Pirastro Cello Perpetual Cadenza Cello String
111,86 €
94,00 €
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C Pirastro Cello Perpetual Cadenza Cello String
122,57 €
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  • Pirastro strings for musical instruments
Perpetual Cadenza

Perpetual Cadenza Cello Strings.
A New Generation of Steel Core Strings.
A-string: The tone is clear for the first few minutes, then gently settles into a full, round, and lush dark timbre. A string that truly touches with its warm mellow tone.

D-string: A »strong« string with incredible depth and volume. Full of body and abundant power; always warm and strong. Delightfully easy to play.

Cadenza: G, C
With their pleasant string tension, the Perpetual Cadenza G- and C-strings inspire the player with an even lighter response without a compromise in volume and projection. The tone is pure and clear with brilliance, depth, and power which opens up many possibilities to create new sound colors for the discerning cellist.

Due to the lower tension of the Perpetual Cadenza G & C the cello is noticeably relieved which can allow it to open up and unfold freely. The A- and D-strings will thereby gain presence by allowing them to vibrate very easily while maintaining the basic sound characteristic which is dynamic and warm.

Perpetual Cadenza G & C are suitable for older Italian as well as new instruments, and harmonize wonderfully with the Perpetual A & D as well as other Pirastro cello strings.
  • A - steel/chrome steel
  • D - steel/chrome steel
  • G - rope core/tungsten
  • C - rope core/tungsten
Tailpiece Options
The all Perpetual Cadenza strings has a ball-end.
Perpetual Cadenza strings are available in 4/4.