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D Pirastro Violine Eudoxa-Stiff string gut/aluminium
37,97 €
33,32 €
28,00 €
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G Pirastro Violine Eudoxa-Stiff string gut/silver
48,74 €
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Pirastro Eudoxa Stiff
Eudoxa-Stiff. Finely wound and polished, handmade gut strings,alternative to Eudoxa D- and G-strings.
The sheep gut core of the Eudoxa-Stiff strings is manufactured, wound and polished in the traditional way, by hand.
low string tension
Eudoxa-Stiff D- and G-strings sound darker and more powerful than regular Eudoxa strings.
Altering the gauge by 1/4 PM changes the tension by 3%.
Tailpiece Options
Eudoxa-Stiff D- and G-Strings have a knot.
Eudoxa-Stiff strings are manufactured in four gauges in steps of 1/4 PM. 
Eudoxa-Stiff strings are available in 4/4.