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Guitar equipment Schaller Electronic

Take a tour of the Schaller factory!
For the first time ever you can now take a look behind the scenes at Schaller. Take a tour of a secret world where production is imbued with fascination, perfection and consummation. Schaller have a reputation to live up to.


Precision craftsmanship

Schaller-SchildThe extraordinary is easily recognized.

The famous Schaller-S is one of the oldest trademarks in the music industry. Like no other, this symbol stands for finest craftsmanship, excellent quality and consummate functionality; the mark of The Original. Combining tradition and innovation in equal measures; the epitome of finest, handcrafted components for musical instruments.
Craftsmanship wherever only human hands can ensure perfection.

Enjoy a tour of Scallers works, see for yourself the hands that could well be perfecting your very own guitar.


True masterpieces are seldom produced on a conveyor belt!
Absolute Precision

„“Quality Needs Time”: if there’s anywhere this applies, then it’s at Schaller. We know only too well, that Schaller products are much sought-after, often even sold-out and difficult to obtain.

Schaller path is a different one, and is steeped in tradition. Schaller company philosophy has always been characterized by highest quality, technological innovation and unconditional service towards  customers.