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Semi-Acoustic Guitar Verythin CT Transparent Red

Price: 749,70 € EUR 630.00
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Manufacturer: Karl Höfner
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Semi-Acoustic Guitar Verythin CT Transparent Redt Black

Hofner verythin guitar Verythin - CT

Based on the original classic Verythin guitar body shape from 1960 with the body depth of only 1.25 inches.
The Verythin was extremely popular with groups during the 1960s beat boom era. The Verythin CT not only captures that unique 60s sound but also has the ability to produce tones ranging from deep gutsy blues through to cutting distorted rock.
We achieve this by fitting a centre block in the body to produce more sustain, deeper tones and less feedback.
The CT model is now fitted with striped position markers on the neck just like the original 1960s model. You'll certainly stand out from the crowd playing a Verythin CT. It truly is a versatile guitar at a very affordable price.

  • HCT-VTH-R Verythin - R - red

Finish: Sunburst or Transparent Red or Black


  • Wood Top: Maple
  • Wood Back: Maple
  • Wood Sides: Maple
  • Centreblock: Spruce
  • Neck Wood: Maple
  • Fingerboard Wood: Rosewood
  • Scale: 24.7"/62.8cm
  • Nut Width: 44mm
  • Number Of Frets: 22
  • Pickup Neck: Hofner Full Size Humbucker Nickel
  • Pickup Bridge: Hofner Full Size Humbucker Nickel

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Karl Höfner Karl Höfner is a German manufacturer of musical instruments, with one division that manufactures guitars and basses, and another that manufactures other string instruments, such as ukuleles, violins, violas, cellos and double basses. Much of Höfner's popularity is attributed to Paul McCartney's use of the Höfner 500/1 bass throughout his career. This violin-shaped model is commonly referred to as the "Beatle bass". Elcoda is an authorized dealer of Höfner. All Höfner products are available at attractive prices.
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