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Shure Beta91A Condenser microphone

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Shure Beta91A Condenser microphone

Shure Beta91A boundary microphone, condenser, half cardioid, XLR, incl. Bag, preamplifier. (bass drum, piano, choir)

The Shure Beta 91A boundary microphone is a microphone for picking up bass drums and other low-frequency instruments as well as picking up grand pianos. The condenser capsule and the preamplifier integrated in the housing of the Shure Beta 91A boundary microphone offer excellent response with powerful and impulse-accurate deep bass. A switch allows the frequency response to be adjusted to avoid droning.
The Shure Beta 91A boundary microphone combines the sound properties of the microphone veteran SM91 - which was mainly used for the acceptance of grand pianos and pianos - with the rich punch of the Beta 91 - popular in the kick drum and other low-frequency instruments. This successful combination results in the Shure Beta 91A boundary microphone, a half-cardioid microphone with low background noise that can also handle extremely high sound pressures without any problems. A switchable filter attenuates the lower mids to prevent the bass drum from booming.
The Shure Beta 91A boundary microphone is simply placed in the bass drum without additional fastening material or attached to the lid of the grand piano - there are no tripods in the way.
In contrast to the Beta 91, the Shure Beta 91A boundary microphone has the preamplifier integrated in the housing - this makes setup easier. The Beta 91A also has a sound that is based on the SM91, as well as a switch for lowering the lower mids.


  • Top class boundary condenser microphone
  • Especially suitable for the bass drum, grand piano and piano
  • Excellent response with massive, controlled deep bass and present attack
  • Pre-amplifier integrated in the housing, simplifies setup
  • Switch for adjusting the frequency response
  • Uniform half-cardioid characteristic offers high protection against feedback
  • Also transmits very high volumes without distortion
  • Space-saving: no need to use microphone stands
  • Hardened steel basket and extremely robust metal construction protect against damage
  • 1x microphone bag included

Technical specifications

  • Capsule type: condenser
  • Directional characteristic: half cardioid
  • Transmission range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 48.5 dBV / Pa / 3.8 mV / Pa
  • Self-noise: 25.5 dB (A)
  • Max. Sound pressure: 155 dB
  • Weight: 470 g

Shure Beta91A Condenser microphone

Shure Beta91A
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