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Shure Beta98AMP/C Condenser microphone

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Shure Beta98AMP/C Condenser microphone

Shure Beta98AMP / C instrument microphone, condenser, cardioid, incl.RPM626 preamp / mic clamp (snare, toms, percussion)

The Shure 98 AMP/C instrument microphone has an integrated preamplifier and has a warm, natural sound with soft highs. The frequency response is optimized for drum and percussion instruments. The Shure 98 AMP/C instrument microphone comes with the A75M microphone holder for quick and secure attachment.
The Shure 98 AMP/C instrument microphone offers a warm, natural sound with soft highs, even with instruments with high sound pressure levels. Very small dimensions allow an extremely inconspicuous positioning on snares, toms, percussion instruments.
The preamplifier is built directly into the housing of the Shure 98 AMP/C instrument microphone'a, which saves additional cabling and makes it easier to position compared to models with external preamps. Thanks to this integrated preamplifier, the Shure 98 AMP/C instrument microphone can reproduce a higher sound pressure without distortion compared to the Beta 98A and Beta 98AD / C (all models have the same capsule) and it has a larger dynamic range.
The scope of delivery includes the A75M universal microphone holder, whose quick-release device allows the microphone to be attached and removed extremely quickly. In connection with the gooseneck, this results in flexible and safe positioning.
The basis of the Shure 98 AMP/C instrument microphone is the Beta 98A / C. The Beta 98AD / C includes the A98D microphone clamp for secure attachment to drums and percussion instruments. In these two models, the preamplifier is not housed in the housing, but is wired externally.


  • Compact, professional condenser instrument microphone
  • Warm, natural sound with soft highs
  • The preamplifier integrated in the housing simplifies the setup
  • Reproduces extremely high sound pressures without distortion
  • Very large dynamic range
  • Very uniform cardioid polar pattern avoids feedback and suppresses extra-axial background noise
  • For drums, percussion, piano, wind and string instruments
  • Gooseneck for flexible and safe positioning
  • A75M universal microphone holder included in delivery offers quick and secure attachment
  • 1x A75M universal microphone clamp included

Technical specifications

  • Capsule type: condenser
  • Directional characteristic: cardioid
  • Transmission range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: -50.5 dBV / Pa / 2.5 mV / Pa
  • Self-noise: 31.0 dB (A)
  • Max. Sound pressure: 157.5 dB
  • Weight: 130 g

Shure Beta98AMP/C Condenser microphone

Shure Beta98AMP/C
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