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Sinensis Camellia Oil in spray bottle 250 ml

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Sinensis Camellia Oil in spray bottle 250 ml

Versatile, light oil from the seeds of the camellia tree:
Corrosion protection: Camellia oil is acid-free, not volatile and not susceptible to resinification, making it the ideal oil to protect tools from rust.
Made from pure natural plant products and food safe, it is especially suited for the preservation of kitchen knives made of carbon steel.

Wood protection: When applied to wooden surfaces, it is absorbed quickly due to its low viscosity.
Once absorbed, it helps protect the wood from damage by moisture, dirt and UV light.
Clear, not discolouring, it accentuates the woods natural beauty.

Body care: Camellia oil makes an excellent base for the preparation of lotions, creams and soaps for cosmetic use.
As a massage oil or hair oil, it has for ages been found irreplaceable by Japanese geishas.
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