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Strings for Flamenco Guitar Knobloch LUNA FLAMENCA SN Nylon 34.5 high tension

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SKU: LDN34.5
Manufacturer: Knobloch Strings
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Strings for Flamenco Guitar Knobloch LUNA FLAMENCA SN Nylon 34.5 high tension

For guitarists wanting to create a full-bodied, uniform sound across the instrument  with a muted rather than bright sound in the trebles.

Series Information

The LUNA Line is created for flamenco players who want a sonorous, dark and full sound.
The rich and deep timbre conveys, amongst other things, a feeling of mystery.
Designed for musicians looking to have Knobloch’s characteristic well-balanced strings for any occasion - from live performance to the recording studio.

Model Information


  • Homogeneous dark, muted sound between bass and trebles
  • Rich, Dark and Sonorous


  • Well-balanced set, easy to play on both the left and right hands

Sound Combination:

  • The dark sound of the Luna Basses pairs perfectly with the muted yet  sonorous sound of the SN trebles, creating a full, dark sound in the basses as well as the trebles.
  • This combination is homogeneous, sonorous and resonant.

Treble Strings

  • SN Nylon: Muted - Sonorous

Bass Strings

  • Luna Double Silver: Dark - Rich
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