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D Thomastik Lakatos Pizzicato string for violin RL03

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SKU: PG166421
Manufacturer: Thomastik
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D Thomastik Lakatos Pizzicato string for violin RL03

Thomastik Lakatos Pizzicato violin strings.
The Thomastik violin strings set Wiener Melange combines some of the best strings of the manufacturer to a unique sound experience. In addition to the E-tinned steel string, the set unites strings from the Dominant and Infeld blue and red series. The strings were specifically matched to provide a first-class sound and playing experience.

D String (Re)

  • D - synthetic core, aluminium wound

Tailpiece Options

Thomastik Lakatos Pizzicato - strings come with a ball.


Thomastik Lakatos Pizzicato strings are available in medium and strong gauges.


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