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G Thomastik Superflexible string for cello 28 Chrome

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SKU: GW641.410
Manufacturer: Thomastik
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G Thomastik Superflexible string for cello 28 Chrome

Thomastik Superflexible cello strings.
The Thomastik-Infeld Superflexible cello strings are braided steel core strings and are a technological advancement over solid steel strings, lying midway between the solid core and the advanced spiral core type of steel string. The braided core reduces the string’s stiffness, improving its elasticity. For duration of life and stability of tuning, this string is unmatched.

G String (Sol)

  • G - steel core, chrome wound


Thomastik Superflexible are available in medium gauge.


Thomastik The Thomastik company produces strings for violins, violas, cellos and other stringed instruments. All Thomastik products are available at a very attractive price. If a specific product is not available on our website, you can get in contact with us and we will inform you if it is possible to order it.
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