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Trigemi Flat Orthopedic Chinrest for Violin

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SKU: BG431100
Manufacturer: Bögelein
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Trigemi Flat Orthopedic Chinrest for Violin

Trigemi: Orthopedic chinrest for Violin – the chinrest with protective cap

Playing the violin, the trigeminus nerve, the alveolar nerve, and the artery of the lower jaw, leading from the angle of the jaw up to the chin, are usually penetrated by the hard chinrest. It often causes pain, neuritis, and circular disorder. Sometimes it even causes bruises (haematoma).
The anatomic hand-molded cushion Trigemi relieves the jaw bones and nerves. With the soft cushion these two nerves and the artery of the lower jaw are relieved. Therefore, damages of the nerves and circular disorders are avoided or can be healed.
The orthopedic chinrest Trigemi has a fixation, which is usually made of nickel. To avoid an allergy against nickel, a protective cap covers it.
The top cloth of the chinrest-cushion is made of soft lamb nappaleather, that is skin-friendly, easy to clean, washable and breathable. For the cushioning material an elastic foam rubber is used, that is especially medically tested. Due to its jellylike characteristics and elasticity it will, after being used, revert to its initial shape.
The inside lining is made of a stretch material, that is also washable (handwashing) and tearproof. It is made of ARU X Static, a comb pattern material containing parts of pure silver. This gives the cushion its antibacterial, smell resistant and antistatic qualities.
It has no impact on the sound-quality of the violin. This was proved in a professional sound studio.

When to use which cushion-material:

  • Red cushion: This is best to use as prophylaxis (preventive, protective).
  • Black cushion: This is best to use when you start feeling a pain or tenderness of palpation.
  • Black anatomic molded cushion: This is recommended when you suffer from circular disorder and a neuritis. Then the pressure on the lower jaw will be reduced by the anatomic molded cushion.

Trigemi Orthopedic Chinrest for Violin

Bögelein The Bögelein company produces anatomically shaped chinrest pads. All Bögelein products are available at a very attractive price. If a specific product is not available on our website or you want to request a custom-made product, you can get in contact with us.
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