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Mouthpiece for Trombone / Baritone Bruno Tilz Prof. Doms

Price: 114,24 € EUR 96.00
incl. VAT 19% without shipping cost
(tax free price 96,00 €)
Manufacturer: Bruno Tilz
Dispatch: Ships within 1-3 months
Screwable Rim:
 silver plated Rim (+ 45,22 €)

 Plastic Rim (+ 60,69 €)


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Mouthpiece for Trombone / Baritone Bruno Tilz Prof. Doms

Following shanksizes available:

  • Shank 1: Bach 36
  • Shank 2: baritone or old German trombones
  • Shank 4: Bach 42


  • Model: Prof. Doms
  • Cup form: shallow F, medium shallow MF, medium deep MT
  • Cup inner diameter: 25,0 mm / 25,5 mm / 26,0 mm
  • Bore mouthpiece: 5,0 mm / 5,4 mm / 5,5 mm
  • Finish: silver plated
  • Instrument: tenor trombone, baritone

Mouthpiece for Trombone / Baritone Bruno Tilz Prof. Doms

Mouthpiece for Trombone / Baritone Bruno Tilz Prof. Doms

Screwable Rim for Mouthpiece Bruno Tilz

Screwable Rim for Mouthpiece Bruno Tilz

You can order any Bruno Tilz mouthpiece with screwable Rim.
The Rims can be obtained both as silver-plated brass Rim, as also as plastic Rim.

Plastic Rim advantages:
- More pleasant feeling on the lips at cold temperatures.

General advantages:
- Possibility to change between wide and narrow Rim.
- Same Rim can be used for different mouth parts and adapted to the different instruments.

Bruno Tilz mouthpieces

Explanation of Terms
  • F = shallow
  • MF = medium shallow
  • MT = medium deep
  • T = deep
  • ST = very deep
Abbreviations of Cup Style
  • EK = normal cup
  • DK = double cup
Abbreviations of Rim Shapes
  • S = narrow
  • MB = mediumwide
  • B = wide
  • BF = wide shallow
  • P = cushion rim
Difference between “Spezial-Bruno Tilz” , “B. TILZ - NEA” and „EXTRA“
  • Spezial-Bruno Tilz Models have flat vaulted rims.
  • B. TILZ - NEA Models have well-rounded rims.
  • With the EXTRA-Models you are aible to create a powerful tone, which is still keeping its volume. Because of the substance of the mouthpiece you will get a more direct speech.

Bruno Tilz The Bruno Tilz company produces mouthpieces for brass instruments. Elcoda is an authorized dealer and official reseller of Bruno Tilz. All Bruno Tilz products are available at a very attractive price. If a specific product is not available on our website, you can get in contact with us and we will inform you if it is possible to order it
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