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Geige Paesold PA807-CB

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Artikelcode: PA807-CB
Hersteller: Roderich Paesold
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Geige Paesold PA807-CB

Roderich Paesold "Bergonzi" A copy of the Carlo Bergonzi (1740) PA807-CB. Paesold Master instrument handcrafted by our own Luthiers from choice tonewoods and antique oil varnished.
Size: 4/4
Handmade in Germany.


  • Top: Alpine Spruce
  • Back,sides,neck: European Maple
  • Fingerboard, nuts: Ebony
  • Wood quality: AAA
  • Finish Hand varnish: oil varnish
  • Antique varnish: Yes
  • Fittings Tailpiece: Rosewood fluted
  • Pegs: Rosewood gold pin
  • Strings: Evah/Obligato/Dominant
Decke Alpen Fichte
Boden, Hals, Zarge Europäische Ahorn
Griffbrett Ebony
Saitenhalter Ebony
Pegs Ebony
Holzqualität AAA
Saiten Evah Pirazzi/ Obligato/ Dominant
Lackierung Lackierung Hand Varnish Oil-Spirit
Vor kurzem angeschaut