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Pirastro Violin Evah Pirazzi Gold strings set G-gold

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Manufacturer: Pirastro
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Pirastro Violin Evah Pirazzi Gold strings set G-gold

Evah Pirazzi Gold. A refined and powerful string.


  • Evah Pirazzi Gold strings have a core made from a modern synthetic multifilament fibre.
  • brilliant, golden tone
  • full-bodied and big sound from the very bottom to the top of the register
  • a wide range of sound colors
  • The great dynamic range allows skilled players to explore confidently both the finest nuances of quiet passages and create powerful sonorities when playing close to the finger-board or using a strong bow arm.
  • instant response throughout the complete dynamic range
  • very short break-in time, even shorter than
  • Evah Pirazzi and Obligato
  • excellent tuning stability
  • absolutely insensitive to variations in temperature and humidity
  • Gold G-string: This G-string is wound with a pure gold wire. It offers a round and full tone.
  • Silver G-string: very dynamic sound which emphasizes a more brilliant tone
  • NEW Stainless Steel E-string: It has an excellent response and generates a refined and smooth sound right to the very top of the register.


  • The standard set contains the following strings: E-stainless steel, A-aluminum,
  • D-silver, G-gold – round and full sound
  • Alternative set G-silver: E-stainless steel, A-aluminum, D-silver, G-silver – emphasizes a brilliant sound

Tailpiece Options

All A-, D- and G-strings come with a ball-end in order to facilitate the installation.
The E-strings are available with ball or loop-end.




All Evah Pirazzi Gold strings are available in 4/4.
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Pirastro Violin Evah Pirazzi Gold

Отличные и надежные струны с ярким и глубоким звучанием.

Violin Strings Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold

Pirastro The Pirastro company produces strings for violins, cellos, violas, double bass, guitars, harps and rosin. Elcoda is an authorized official Pirastro dealer and exporter. All Pirastro products are available at a very attractive price. You can buy any strings Pirastro, presented on our site. If a specific product is not available on our website, you can get in contact with us and we will inform you if it is possible to order it.
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