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Accord Ultralight 2,3 kg carbon case for cello

Price: 2.539,46 € EUR 2134.00
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Manufacturer: Accord Case
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Accord Ultralight carbon case for cello

Accord Case carbon cases are distinguished by an innovative design and a graceful shape. All Accord Case products are custom made by hand. The outer dimensions of the cases correspond to various shapes, sizes and models of cellos. The inner interior of the case is adjusted, at the request of the buyer, according to individual cello scales. When ordering a case, you can choose the color to your liking. You can choose from 11 standard colors or choose from a palette of classic RAL colors, which includes 180 color options. Optionally, at the request of the customer, inscriptions, logos or any pattern can be placed on the surface of the case.

Accord Carbon Cello Case Ultralight 2,3kg/4,9lbs

  • hard case
  • very sturdy leather handle
  • modern design
  • easy opening and closing of locks
  • 7 arched metal locks
  • 4 legs at the bottom
  • straps for carrying behind the back (backpack)
  • very light
  • Optimum protection of the instrument by hanging it by the neck
  • interior finishing according to individual dimensions
  • very reliable, robust coating
  • case weight 2.3 kg
  • holders for two bows
  • two back straps
  • detachable pocket

Case dimensions

  • Montagnana
  • Medium
  • Minus
  • 7/8

Case color

  • None
  • Black
  • Black 3D
  • White
  • Red
  • Red 3D
  • Blue
  • Blue 3D
  • Safari 3D
  • Green 3D
  • RAL colors

Additional options

  • Compartment for notes
  • Logo laying on
  • Individual drawing
  • Fiedler back pack for back wear
Black 3D
Silver metallic
Red 3D
Blue 3D
Safari 3D
Green 3D
RAL colors
Custom measursing

Accord Ultralight 2,3 kg carbon case for cello

The internal dimensions of the case's interior are of standard dimensions and correspond to the dimensions of the most common cello models. To ensure that your instrument will be stored comfortably in the case, measure the following dimensions before ordering, it is important that they do not exceed the dimensions of the interior of the case.

  1. Length of the entire instrument - from the ridge of the cello head to the endpin peak when retracted
  2. Width of the upper oval of the instrument body at its widest part
  3. Width of the lower oval of the cello body at its widest part
  4. Height when the instrument is lying on the bottom deck from the surface to the crest of the stand

Standard Interior Scale

  1. Montagnana - 1. - 1315mm/ 2. - 420mm/ 3.-498mm/ 4.-306mm
  2. Medium  -       1. - 1315mm/ 2. - 385mm/ 3.-466mm/ 4.-292mm
  3. Minus -           1. - 1285mm/ 2. - 384mm/ 3.-460mm/ 4.-292mm
  4. 7/8 -                1. - 1235mm/ 2. - 375mm/ 3.-457mm/ 4.-292mm

The outer dimensions of the case exceed the inner dimensions by about 20mm.

Custom sizes

If you are in doubt about the correct size of the case or your cello does not correspond to the dimensions shown above, please take your measurements in accordance with the figure below. Send us the dimensions of your instrument using one of the following methods:

  1. Fill in the custom sizes fields at checkout
  2. Fill out and save the PDF form and submit it at checkout.


Accord Case - cases for musical instruments The Exclusive carbon case j.d.o.o. company produces cases for musical instruments: cases for violins, cellos, guitars, saxophones, horns and tenors. Elcoda is an authorized dealer and official reseller of Exclusive carbon case j.d.o.o.. All Exclusive carbon case j.d.o.o. products are available at a very attractive price. If a specific product is not available on our website, you can get in contact with us and we will inform you if it is possible to order it.
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