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Guitar Support ErgoPlay "Tappert for Kids"

Price: EUR 27.00
SKU: EP800
Manufacturer: Robert Kühnl


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Guitar Support ErgoPlay "Tappert for Kids"

Guitar Rest ErgoPlay "Tappert for Kids". For guitar bodies between 87mm and 72mm.

"Tappert for kids" is a smaller version of the "Tappert" rest. It comes with smaller suction cups. Since the rest can be adjusted variously it "grows" together with your child. Your child will always be sitting in an ergonomically correct way.  Children, who use a regular sized guitar, can ,however, take the "Tappert" rest for adults.
  • Individually adjustable in height and inclination
  • 3 adaptable suction cups for easy rib attachment
  • Suction cups can be changed and removed easily
  • Perfect weight distribution for better balance while playing.

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