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Oboe Buffet Crampon Prestige 3643G Green Line BC3643G-2-0

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SKU: BC3643G-2-0
Manufacturer: Buffet Crampon
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Oboe Buffet Crampon Prestige 3643G Green Line BC3643G-2-0

Professional Oboe, full automatic model BC3643 G
Professional oboe players will never worry about cracks again. A revolution in the history of woodwind instruments, the Buffet Crampon 3643G Green Line Oboe can be toured around the world and will withstand the extreme temperature changes associated with different climates.
The ‘Green Line’ presents an exceptional resistance to variations of atmospheric conditions (temperature and humidity).
These instruments are turned, shaped, drilled, set and mounted in the same way as instruments in traditional wood The ‘Green Line’ material has the same acoustic properties as natural wood.


  • Key C
  • Pitch 440/443 Hz
  • Green Line vody
  • Silver plated keys (gold plating upon special order)
  • Full conservatory system
  • French fingering system
  • Upper joint - cork pads
  • Lower joint - GORE-TEX® and cork pads
  • Bell - GORE-TEX® pad
  • 3rd octave key
  • Fork F
  • Double G#
  • Double Eb
  • Double D trill key
  • Left F lever
  • Low Bb resonance key
  • Ab/Bb trill key
  • Connection Bb/C key right hand
  • Adjusting B/C key
  • Original bore : Slightly resistant sound emission and superb intonation
  • Cork and G.T. pads : Excellent pad seating, do not absorb moisture
  • Option of gold plated keys : Sound is dark with excellent harmonics and perfect projection
  • Stainless steel rods and pivot screws : Non-corrosive, very good key action
Buffet Crampon
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