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Pirastro Cello Evah Pirazzi Gold Cello Strings Set

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Manufacturer: Pirastro
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Pirastro Cello Evah Pirazzi Gold Cello Strings Set
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Pirastro Cello Evah Pirazzi Gold Cello Strings Set

Evah Pirazzi Gold Cello Strings. A refined and powerful string.


  • The A- and D-strings have a high-tensile steel core and are wound with a precision chrome steel flat wire, while the G- and C-strings have a specially designed steel rope core with a top-quality tungsten winding.
  • The elegant sound of the new Evah Pirazzi Gold cello strings is clear, full, with character.
  • These new steel strings provide a variety of overtones with great projection – without any metallic sharpness.
  • Our new Evah Pirazzi Gold cello strings are extremely responsive and react quickly over the entire dynamic range; even with very gentle bow pressure.
  • With their reduced playing-in time the instrument achieves its full sound spectrum in no time.
  • suitable also for electric or electrically-amplified cellos
  • Each Evah Pirazzi Gold cello string has its own individual character and at the same time their interplay generates a wonderfully harmonious set.
  • Beginning with a smooth and rich spectrum of sound colors, the A-string has a warm and silvery sound that will easily satisfy the expectations of soloists.
  • Charm, brilliance, and lightness are the sound characteristics of the D-string.
  • The seamless transition to the G-string adds a further nuance that can be heard: The sound becomes very grand and develops an impressive radiance – even straight after stringing.
  • Vibrant and resonant the C-string was designed to provide the player with a focused direct sound that will inspire and at the same time bring this set to its powerful completion.


  • A-Chrome Steel
  • D-Chrome Steel
  • G-Tungsten
  • C-Tungsten

Tailpiece Options

The all Evah Pirazzi Gold strings has a ball-end.




Pirastro strings Pirastro company manufactures strings for musical instruments: strings for violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar. Violin and viola rosin. Elcoda is an authorized Pirastro dealer and exporter.