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Audix VX5 Condenser microphone

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Manufacturer: Audix
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Audix VX5 Condenser vocal microphone

Audix VX5 vocal microphone

The VX5 is a professional vocal condenser microphone designed for a wide variety of live, studio and broadcast applications. With an ability to duplicate studio quality sound on stage, the VX5 is known for its smooth and accurate frequency response, resistance to feedback and ability to handle very high sound pressure levels without distortion.
The VX5 is characterized with a tight and uniformly controlled supercardioid polar pattern which helps to isolate the vocals from the rest of the instruments on stage. With a wide frequency range of 40 Hz - 16.5 kHz, the VX5 has a very clean and natural sound with exceptional transient response. This mic requires 9 - 52 volts phantom power.
Other features include a 14 mm gold vapor diaphragm, an acoustically ported steel mesh grill with multi-stage pop filter and a -10 dB pad and bass roll-off filter. The VX5 will handle sound pressure levels in excess of 140 dB (with pad and roll-off engaged) and will provide over 20 dB of ambient noise rejection on live stages.
In addition to vocal applications, the VX5 is ideally suited to capture acoustic instruments such as guitar, woodwinds, brass, percussion toys, drum overheads, hi-hat and piano. It is a very versatile mic for home studio recording. The VX5 is well balanced, comfortable to hold, durable, and designed with very high standards and tight tolerances.
The VX5 is manufactured with a precision die cast zinc alloy body, durable black E-coat finish and gold plated XLR connector.


  • Premium electret condenser for vocals and acoustic instruments
  • Smooth accurate frequency response
  • Switches for -10 dB pad and bass roll-off
  • Suited for acoustic music as well as loud stages
  • Designed, assembled & tested in the USA

Areas of application

  • Stage or studio
  • Lead or background vocals
  • Speech
  • Acoustic instrumentals

Technical specifications

  • Transducer Type Pre-Polarized Condenser
  • Frequency Response 40 Hz - 16.5 kHz
  • Polar Pattern Supercardioid
  • Output Impedance 150 ohms
  • Sensitivity 5 mV / Pa @ 1k
  • Equivalent Noise Level 26 dB (A-weighted)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio 68 dB
  • Off Axis Rejection >20 dB
  • Maximum SPL ≥140 dB (w/ -10 pad)
  • Power Requirements 9-52 V
  • Connector 3-pin XLRm
  • Materials Black Finish
  • Weight 277 g / 8 oz
  • Length 181 mm / 7,1 in

Scope of delivery

  • tripod clip
  • bag

Audix VX5 Condenser microphone

Audix VX5 Condenser microphone

Audix VX5 Condenser microphone

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