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Geige Paesold PA807-AS

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Artikelcode: PA807-AS
Hersteller: Roderich Paesold
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Geige Paesold PA807-AS

Master violin Paesold PA807-AS. These Paesold master instruments are copied from fine historical instruments. They are made from exquisite tone wood and are exclusively handcrafted by skilled luthiers, giving each instrument its own character. Paesold Master instrument handcrafted by our own Luthiers from choice tonewoods and antique oil varnished. A copy of the Antonio Stradivari.
Size: 4/4
Handmade in Germany
Master violin Paesold PA807-AS.


  • Wood Top: Alpine Spruce
  • Back,sides,neck: European Maple
  • Fingerboard, nuts: Ebony
  • Wood quality: AAA Finish
  • Hand varnish: oil varnish Antique varnish: Yes
  • Fittings Tailpiece: Rosewood fluted
  • Pegs: Rosewood Hill
  • Strings: Evah/Obligato/Dominant
Decke Alpen Fichte
Boden, Hals, Zarge Europäische Ahorn
Griffbrett Ebony
Saitenhalter Palisander
Pegs Palisander
Holzqualität AAA
Saiten Evah Pirazzi/ Obligato/ Dominant
Lackierung Lackierung Hand Varnish Oil-Spirit Antique
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A truly wonderful instrument.

My Paesold 807 violin was bought at auction recently. It has a beautiful appearance with an attractive antique finish. gold stud pegs and lovely fluted tailpiece. It's label says it was made in 1997. I am convinced it has never been played before. I believe that I am playing it in for the very first time.
It has a strong, clear voice although a fraction bright. (Perhaps a change of strings may change that if it does not mellow naturally.) I play in four amateur orchestras in the UK and I am thrilled with this superb violin.

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